The Key to Turning Her On Just by Words

Do not ooze anymore and spray all over!As they say, finding the right things to talk about and turn a girl you love on instantly is quite difficult for many guys especially those who are trying it for the first time. Don’t worry, I was once exactly like you.

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Believe me, women love being questioned and they will tell you almost everything about themselves if only you ask the right questions and at the right time. But the questions that usually ring in many men minds are, ‘Is it cool I ask her about how hot she is in bed’? ‘Do you think she will tell me about her romantic life’?

The pure truth is “Yes”. She will tell you virtually everything about her including her romantic life. But first of all, try to make her feel secured whenever you are around and she will tell you everything you want to know. I once met a girl who caught my attention at first sight, will you believe me if I tell you that after 5 minutes of conversation she had started telling me about how frequent she used to have sex with her ex? She went on telling me that she likes men who can be flirty and hot at the same time. Every girl can be like this if you ask your question at the most appropriate time.

The purpose of asking a girl dirty questions is to turn her on right? Even if not so and whatever reason it might be, try these three really dirty and horny questions out and she will tell you much about her romantic life and experiences.

Three Really Dirty Questions That Will Make Her Go GAGA


Now let’s go there, you will be fascinated to see the results which these questions can produce when you try them out.
1. Where do you like being touched? – This is a super question. I call it the starter, why?? Because starting with this question is key to turning her on. She won’t only tell you about where she likes to be caressed but also how she like being caressed. After she’s done, you can say things like “So you mean if I run my fingers gently, you will love it?” This will only make the conversation to become even deeper and interesting if you follow it up with a flashing smile.
2. What do you love about sex? – Asking her of her thought about sex and what she likes about it will make you know more. Most girls usually say because they get a lot of pleasure from sex and bla bla….. But whatever she says, it will give you an insight about her sexual life and from there, you know what to do.
3. How do you like sex, gentle or rough? – This question is what I termed ‘The Killer’ question. Asking this question means you are really exploring her sexual side and she can’t give you an answer without thinking of how she usually is in bed. She won’t only tell you how she likes it but the position that can give her the sex she crave. Mind you, most girls like rough but who knows, she might like the gentle.

Let me tell you a secret, the best way to having what you want is striking by surprise. What I mean is this, surprise her with these questions when you feel that the atmosphere is conducive and the conversation is on it’s right flow. Good luck to you as you turn on the girls of your dream.