Thunder Bowl Speedway and Girls

1. Never Start with the Clit

There should always be suspense building up to this. It is pretty obvious the clitoris is the most sensitive part in a girl’s pussy. Start with the pussy lips and when the moans get louder, tease her more. When she is begging for more, that is when your tongue enters unfamiliar territory which is the clitoris at Thunderbowl Speedway.

2. Finger It Up

Don’t be shy in sticking one or two fingers inside the girl’s pussy. However, you may want to ask her if it is alright to have two fingers in there because some girls may not want that especially those who only had a few sex encounters in their lives.

3. Get Creative with the Position

There are many positions for pussy eating. There is one where the girl sits on your face, the position where the girl has her shoulders on the floor and the one where the girl is in all fours. If you can think of a position that is not given here then she would appreciate that more. She might even get more energized when you try a new position.

4. Suck Also

Don’t just lick the pussy entirely. You can also suck it just like how she sucks your cock ever after you just urinated. She would really appreciate it if you can return the favor by sucking on those wet lips. A nice combination of suck and licking would really make her day.

5. Get Down and Dirty

Don’t let the girl think that you don’t want your face to get wet. If you lick with your nose up then that would look terrible. She does the same when she sucks your cock so do the same and get your face in there as well.

6. Use Little Communication

When she moans, it obviously means you are doing something right so keep on doing what you are doing. It is hard to give a girl what she wants so that is certainly good news. There are many signs that would mean a girl likes what you are doing and it includes body shaking and muscle trembling. The girl will get frustrated if she sends you signs that she likes what you are doing and you stop it. In fact, she might get so frustrated that the entire thing might come to a screeching halt and you wouldn’t want that.

7. Stroke It Like an Expert

Don’t use just the tip of your tongue when you dive into that pussy. You must stroke it gently using your tongue and pretend you are an expert at it even when you are not. You can also have fun with it as long as she gives signs that she is enjoying it.

8. Do Foreplay

Everyone wants a little foreplay before the action actually starts. Do this all the time and your girl will love you for it. Do some passionate kissing, suck on her nipple, play with her ears and fondle her boobs. There are times when you don’t think foreplay is needed because you are both horny but that’s where you are wrong.