The Effective Ways to Increasing your Semen Production While Racing

Most men understand the benefit of having healthy sperms and in large numbers. This is seen as an attribute to enjoying a better life and at the same time it makes you enjoy passionate love making sessions together with your significant other. This is boosted by the fact that you gain a lot of confidence in the bedroom feeling like a hero and a man who treats his woman right. In order to manage this, you need to increase semen production quickly. While the market has certain drugs that can easily help in increasing your sperm levels, we normally believe that natural ways are more trustworthy and uncomplicated approaches.

Start by Abstaining from Orgasm at Least Two Days

Recent research indicates that men who abstain from orgasm for at least two days will have higher levels of sperm count. This is backed with a study that indicates that the body usually produces sperms at a higher rate calculated to be about 1,500 per second, on average. This certainly means that the body works actively to produce about 130 to 200 million quality sperm every day. When you orgasm, you easily loose a hefty of soldiers and there is a need to wait a little while to increase your army. The perfect approach is to abstain from orgasm so that the body can easily replenish its sperms. Within two days, you will see better results.

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables

Sperm productivity can also be boosted by taking lots of vegetables and fruits. This means that you should pay attention to taking a healthy diet every day. Veggies and fruits are highly preferred because of their rich antioxidants, which highly help in improving the amount of your semen and at the same time improves its quality. Apart from this, eating delicious well-prepared foods that are rich in antioxidant makes you healthier and helps you feel so energetic and highly active. Such foods are: red beans, coconut water, wild blueberries, blackberries and cranberries, prunes, apples (granny smith, gala and the red delicious), and artichokes.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol

If you are a chain smoker or a heavy drinker, you definitely could be producing low quality sperms that are not fertile. There is a need to boost your sperm productivity and the right way is to abstain from these substances which have been proven to affect many organs of the body. Research indicates that majority of fathers who smoke end up getting children who suffer from many medical issues. This affects the health of their children and at the same time makes delivery more risky as some die during delivery time. Marijuana is also dangerous because it lowers the testosterone levels in men thus affecting sperm count.

Be in a mutually monogamous relationship

Your body will easily produce healthy sperms if you take good care of it by practicing safe sex. You need to avoid STD’s like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which may lead to infertility if not treated earlier enough. The right way is to use protection and be absolutely sure to focus on a mutually monogamous trustworthy relationship with a partner of known status. These are highly proven ways that will guarantee you high semen production and you can start following them to enjoy a better life.