Prostate Milking: Step-by-Step on How to Milk the Prostate Gland Veraciously

Where is the Prostate?Prostate milking or prostate massage is the act of stimulating the prostate gland in men for sexual or medical reasons. The act may seem peculiar to most men. However, its benefits are vital. Practicing the act has many medical and sexual benefits. Prostate milking prevents and treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This increases semen amount freed at the time of ejaculation. Additionally, it results in stronger and intense orgasm. Another benefit of the act is for pleasure. Men like the sensation and the capability to attain prostate orgasm. Medical experts agree that prostate milking has medical benefits. Many men around the world use pharmaceutical drugs to treat various prostate problems such as prostate pains or enlarged prostate. In the past two decades, men have been seeking natural solutions like the use of supplements, vitamins and other nutrition that keep prostrate healthy. Recent studies indicate that frequent stimulation of the prostate gland and healthier prostate nutrition have positive effects on prostate health problems.

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Prostate milking originated from the Far East and Asia thousand years ago. People in the Far East and Asia believed that it was important to consider a practical healing method to the prostrate to keep the prostate glands healthy for entire men lives instead of experiencing prostate challenges later in their lives. Furthermore, studies show that when regular stimulation of the prostate is combined with continuous prostate cleansing may make men who are currently experiencing prostate problems optimistic about their health.

Step-by-Step on How to Milk the Prostate Gland Veraciously

The milking of the prostate gland can be conducted with the presence of a partner or without. Though, it is enjoyable when it is performed in the presence of a partner. The first thing one should do is to make sure that the bowel is emptied and the rectum is clean when conducting prostate stimulation.

Partner or your fingernails should be trimmed to avoid injury issues. One may put on latex gloves if one wishes.

The next step is to apply the lubricant on one’s finger and spread it around the anus. Gently massage the perineum and the anus, follow this by breathing deeply and relaxing.

The step that follows entails pressing down on one’s anus and then releasing before inserting the finger into the anus. The finger should be inserted into the anus roughly two inches deep. After finger insertion, one should gently slither in and then out followed by relaxing and breathing deeply. During this time one needs to spend a few minutes experiencing new sensations.

The next step is to gently massage the walnut-sized area which occurs in front of the rectum wall. When massaging this area, sudden movements should be avoided. Since sudden movements may lead to tearing of sensitive area (walnut-sized area).

After all, these have been done, one begins to experience immense pleasure followed by euphoria resulting in an erection. At this time if one wishes he can stimulate other body parts especially the penis concurrently. These probably result in orgasm. Though, the orgasm is prolonged by repeatedly starting and stopping stimulation.

When the prostate massage is performed following these steps, the prostate gland ejaculates without stimulating the penis and the semen will come out of the prostate gland. The leaking of semen out of the prostate gland is the reason why the act is referred to as prostate milking.