Nurture that Sperm Count!

Women wanting to get pregnantWant to get you to get your future baby momma pregnant? Nurture that sperm count! Every single day, we put in the energy and drive to achieving our goals. We work hard and sometimes we get to play hard. We try to focus our energies on being a better “me”; sometimes we succeed and other times our lives remain the same. Thus I think we need a formula, a daily routine that puts us onto the path of success. So listen up, if you want to increase the sperm count, here are some “routines” to place you on the road to a better path. Consistency is key, and when you have tried all else, try again. Don’t give up.

Routine No. 1 De-stress, Exercise and Sleep

Take not that any form of stress can cause your body to go into defense mode. Once this happens your body automatically attempts to conserve energy and thus it becomes less concerned with reproducing and more focused on ensuring your survival. To reduce your stress, consider dealing with cause of your stress, if you can’t then focus on exercising. Practicing yoga and meditation or taking up swimming
and running keep the body and mind health and focused. Exercise releases testosterone into your system and this aids with sperm production but don’t overdo it, you could risk the release of adrenal steroid hormones which can cause a deficiency in testosterone production. Stress hormones tend to block your leydig-cells are responsible for regulating the production on testosterone. So meditate, focus less on your problems and focus on the things to be grateful for and make sure you get enough sleep, even quick naps as exhaustion can increase your stress levels.

Routine No. 2 Watch that Diet

A diet high in protein, low in fat, rich in vegetables and whole grain is not only good for your health but also your sperm count, or check this out if you happen to have more questions about the subject. Consume plenty of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit and as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds which are considered to increase sperm count. Where fat intake is concerned choose to focus on the healthy fats such as the Omega-3 and Omega-6 which aid in the development of the sperm membrane. Reduce or completely eliminate Trans fatty acids as studies indicate that these fats inhibit the incorporation of polysaturated fats into the sperm membranes and important step in the development of sperms. Please avoid soy based foods and ingredients with high fructose corn syrup; the first because it has a slight estrogenic effect and while this may be great for women, it does nothing towards nurturing your sperm count. As for the high fructose corn syrup, this cause insulin resistance and this tends to lower your fertility rate.

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Routine 3 Alternative Remedies

There is no harm in seeking medication to counter a low sperm-count and for those against taking medication there are homeopathic ingredients that can aid in increasing your sperm count. Consider Passiflora Incarnata, this can increase the sperm count of men who smoke Marijuana. Zinc Metallicum increases the zinc levels in your body and improves semen quality and sperm count. Prescribed medication such as Serophene oral and Gonal-f RFF Redi-ject have been used to increase sperm count.

Finally say no to smoking and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. These are just a few steps you could take to increasing your sperm count and achieving the ultimate baby goal, and thus becoming an Adonis Alpha when it comes to dating cougars.