The Key to Turning Her On Just by Words

Do not ooze anymore and spray all over!As they say, finding the right things to talk about and turn a girl you love on instantly is quite difficult for many guys especially those who are trying it for the first time. Don’t worry, I was once exactly like you.

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Believe me, women love being questioned and they will tell you almost everything about themselves if only you ask the right questions and at the right time. But the questions that usually ring in many men minds are, ‘Is it cool I ask her about how hot she is in bed’? ‘Do you think she will tell me about her romantic life’?

The pure truth is “Yes”. She will tell you virtually everything about her including her romantic life. But first of all, try to make her feel secured whenever you are around and she will tell you everything you want to know. I once met a girl who caught my attention at first sight, will you believe me if I tell you that after 5 minutes of conversation she had started telling me about how frequent she used to have sex with her ex? She went on telling me that she likes men who can be flirty and hot at the same time. Every girl can be like this if you ask your question at the most appropriate time.

The purpose of asking a girl dirty questions is to turn her on right? Even if not so and whatever reason it might be, try these three really dirty and horny questions out and she will tell you much about her romantic life and experiences.

Three Really Dirty Questions That Will Make Her Go GAGA


Now let’s go there, you will be fascinated to see the results which these questions can produce when you try them out.
1. Where do you like being touched? – This is a super question. I call it the starter, why?? Because starting with this question is key to turning her on. She won’t only tell you about where she likes to be caressed but also how she like being caressed. After she’s done, you can say things like “So you mean if I run my fingers gently, you will love it?” This will only make the conversation to become even deeper and interesting if you follow it up with a flashing smile.
2. What do you love about sex? – Asking her of her thought about sex and what she likes about it will make you know more. Most girls usually say because they get a lot of pleasure from sex and bla bla….. But whatever she says, it will give you an insight about her sexual life and from there, you know what to do.
3. How do you like sex, gentle or rough? – This question is what I termed ‘The Killer’ question. Asking this question means you are really exploring her sexual side and she can’t give you an answer without thinking of how she usually is in bed. She won’t only tell you how she likes it but the position that can give her the sex she crave. Mind you, most girls like rough but who knows, she might like the gentle.

Let me tell you a secret, the best way to having what you want is striking by surprise. What I mean is this, surprise her with these questions when you feel that the atmosphere is conducive and the conversation is on it’s right flow. Good luck to you as you turn on the girls of your dream.

Prostate Milking: Step-by-Step on How to Milk the Prostate Gland Veraciously

Where is the Prostate?Prostate milking or prostate massage is the act of stimulating the prostate gland in men for sexual or medical reasons. The act may seem peculiar to most men. However, its benefits are vital. Practicing the act has many medical and sexual benefits. Prostate milking prevents and treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This increases semen amount freed at the time of ejaculation. Additionally, it results in stronger and intense orgasm. Another benefit of the act is for pleasure. Men like the sensation and the capability to attain prostate orgasm. Medical experts agree that prostate milking has medical benefits. Many men around the world use pharmaceutical drugs to treat various prostate problems such as prostate pains or enlarged prostate. In the past two decades, men have been seeking natural solutions like the use of supplements, vitamins and other nutrition that keep prostrate healthy. Recent studies indicate that frequent stimulation of the prostate gland and healthier prostate nutrition have positive effects on prostate health problems.

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Prostate milking originated from the Far East and Asia thousand years ago. People in the Far East and Asia believed that it was important to consider a practical healing method to the prostrate to keep the prostate glands healthy for entire men lives instead of experiencing prostate challenges later in their lives. Furthermore, studies show that when regular stimulation of the prostate is combined with continuous prostate cleansing may make men who are currently experiencing prostate problems optimistic about their health.

Step-by-Step on How to Milk the Prostate Gland Veraciously

The milking of the prostate gland can be conducted with the presence of a partner or without. Though, it is enjoyable when it is performed in the presence of a partner. The first thing one should do is to make sure that the bowel is emptied and the rectum is clean when conducting prostate stimulation.

Partner or your fingernails should be trimmed to avoid injury issues. One may put on latex gloves if one wishes.

The next step is to apply the lubricant on one’s finger and spread it around the anus. Gently massage the perineum and the anus, follow this by breathing deeply and relaxing.

The step that follows entails pressing down on one’s anus and then releasing before inserting the finger into the anus. The finger should be inserted into the anus roughly two inches deep. After finger insertion, one should gently slither in and then out followed by relaxing and breathing deeply. During this time one needs to spend a few minutes experiencing new sensations.

The next step is to gently massage the walnut-sized area which occurs in front of the rectum wall. When massaging this area, sudden movements should be avoided. Since sudden movements may lead to tearing of sensitive area (walnut-sized area).

After all, these have been done, one begins to experience immense pleasure followed by euphoria resulting in an erection. At this time if one wishes he can stimulate other body parts especially the penis concurrently. These probably result in orgasm. Though, the orgasm is prolonged by repeatedly starting and stopping stimulation.

When the prostate massage is performed following these steps, the prostate gland ejaculates without stimulating the penis and the semen will come out of the prostate gland. The leaking of semen out of the prostate gland is the reason why the act is referred to as prostate milking.

The Effective Ways to Increasing your Semen Production While Racing

Most men understand the benefit of having healthy sperms and in large numbers. This is seen as an attribute to enjoying a better life and at the same time it makes you enjoy passionate love making sessions together with your significant other. This is boosted by the fact that you gain a lot of confidence in the bedroom feeling like a hero and a man who treats his woman right. In order to manage this, you need to increase semen production quickly. While the market has certain drugs that can easily help in increasing your sperm levels, we normally believe that natural ways are more trustworthy and uncomplicated approaches.

Start by Abstaining from Orgasm at Least Two Days

Recent research indicates that men who abstain from orgasm for at least two days will have higher levels of sperm count. This is backed with a study that indicates that the body usually produces sperms at a higher rate calculated to be about 1,500 per second, on average. This certainly means that the body works actively to produce about 130 to 200 million quality sperm every day. When you orgasm, you easily loose a hefty of soldiers and there is a need to wait a little while to increase your army. The perfect approach is to abstain from orgasm so that the body can easily replenish its sperms. Within two days, you will see better results.

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables

Sperm productivity can also be boosted by taking lots of vegetables and fruits. This means that you should pay attention to taking a healthy diet every day. Veggies and fruits are highly preferred because of their rich antioxidants, which highly help in improving the amount of your semen and at the same time improves its quality. Apart from this, eating delicious well-prepared foods that are rich in antioxidant makes you healthier and helps you feel so energetic and highly active. Such foods are: red beans, coconut water, wild blueberries, blackberries and cranberries, prunes, apples (granny smith, gala and the red delicious), and artichokes.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol

If you are a chain smoker or a heavy drinker, you definitely could be producing low quality sperms that are not fertile. There is a need to boost your sperm productivity and the right way is to abstain from these substances which have been proven to affect many organs of the body. Research indicates that majority of fathers who smoke end up getting children who suffer from many medical issues. This affects the health of their children and at the same time makes delivery more risky as some die during delivery time. Marijuana is also dangerous because it lowers the testosterone levels in men thus affecting sperm count.

Be in a mutually monogamous relationship

Your body will easily produce healthy sperms if you take good care of it by practicing safe sex. You need to avoid STD’s like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which may lead to infertility if not treated earlier enough. The right way is to use protection and be absolutely sure to focus on a mutually monogamous trustworthy relationship with a partner of known status. These are highly proven ways that will guarantee you high semen production and you can start following them to enjoy a better life.

Driver’s Tips When Racing to Get Hard

Men are always faced with various needs which are just unique to them and the greatest thing is that they will do anything to save themselves. When it comes to sexual intercourse, men do have confidence in it because they believe they can satisfy their partners. Do you know that this is not always the case especially when you have a partner who keeps on complaining that you don’t make her reach orgasm? In some cases the problem could be the lady and in some situation you as a man could be responsible. Do you expect to satisfy her if your penis size is too small? The lady can go ahead and openly tell you that the size of your penis is too small for her. If you are that person suffering from such headache, worry no more because you can learn various ways on how to grow your penis bigger within the shortest time possible. Having that said, its about that time you should have a quick look on several ways that can increase the size of your penis for better performance when it comes to sex affairs.


As stated briefly above, there are various options for increasing the size of your penis hence it’s upon you to choose what you prefer. The best step in doing so is to read the available reviews for each solution. Why do people prefer a particular penis increasing approach to another? Having a quick answer to these solutions will help you make a wise decision.

Well, the following ideas can help increase the size of your penis undoubtedly:

Penis Pills

There are several penis medications that can be used to increase the size of the penis within the shortest time possible. A wise man is that who opts for a 100% natural product rather than those which may contain harmful chemicals. Always consult your doctor about the drug that you want to use for expert advice. The good thing about such pills is that they will also boost your stamina and performance in this is great for bedtime’s affair.

Penis Exercises

There are various types of exercises that can be performed on your penis. Here, you will need a professional doctor to teach you how to do it. Having a personal trainer on this can be very effective. The other idea is that most physical exercises are enhanced using special equipment called penis pumps. They work in such a way that creates a vacuum in your erect penis thus allowing more blood and within a short period, you penis will grow definitely bigger.

Penis Surgery

This is one of the approaches that can be used to increase the size of your penis but it’s advisable to shun it unless all the other mentioned above do not work.

Men are advised to choose any of the above and within a couple of weeks; their partners will want more of their time while in bed. You can try several of them at a go for better results. Good luck!